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7 Great Reasons to Use Wood as a Cellphone Stand


Cellphone stands are made in a wide variety of materials today. For users who want to make a wiser choice, wood is usually on top of their list and for very good reasons. If you're wondering what wooden cellphone stands have to offer that other materials, such acrylic or plastic, don't, you'll be surprised. It may be a very traditional material, but its advantages are sure more than current.


Here are the top 5 advantages of using a wooden cellphone stand:


Environment Friendliness


The wood production process requires less energy than most other materials, which means wood leaves a considerably lower carbon footprint. Responsibly sourced wood is also renewable, and with the higher demand for responsibly sourced carbon-storing wood products, forests and plantations can be better managed. And of course, since woodwork is usually done onsite or locally or regionally prefabricated, buying idynamo square stand means you're supporting local carpenters and craftspeople




There is no question about the durability of wood. If you take care of your wooden cellphone stand, it can last you up to decades, thanks to modern wood preservatives that extend wood's natural longevity.  To gain more knowledge on the importance of wooden iPad stands, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqKr2x_wgnA.


Structural Strength 


Yes, wood can be structurally extremely strong. The radiata pine, for instance, can be up to 20% stronger than its equivalent size and weight in structural steel, or 400-500% better than its equivalent size and weight in non-reinforced concrete in compression. 


Natural Insulation 


Because of the air pockets in wood's cellular structure, it has superb natural insulation properties. What cellphone doesn't benefit from being insulated? 


Reasonable Cost 


Compared to other materials used to make ipad square stand, wood is not always the cheapest, but it's not expensive either. You can get a high-quality wooden cellphone stand for a fair price.


Natural Beauty and Health Enhancer


Of course, you can't argue with the natural beauty of wood. It's simply breathes elegance! On top of that, wood has also been associated with physiological and psychological benefits. Research shows that people are generally more relaxed and happier in surroundings that contain natural elements such as wood.


Then again, not all wooden cellphone stands are created equal. Take your time finding the right dealer and you won't go wrong with the choices you have. Think of it as an investment. Better to pay a higher price if it means you get a sturdier and more beautiful stand for your precious cellphone!